Seller’s Guide

Selling your home is a complex, multi-step process that calls for the expertise of a REALTOR® Thank you for considering me as our knowledgeable REALTOR® to help you through it. Here is a general overview of what to expect and prepare.

Get Your Finances in Order

Don’t worry if you’re still paying off your mortgage, there are several options depending on what type of mortgage you have. However, you’ll need to talk to your lender before you can proceed.

Meet With a REALTOR®

It is important to partner with a REALTOR® you feel completely comfortable with. Don’t fall for the trap of partnering with the REALTOR® who suggests the highest asking price. I can help you price your home to sell, design a marketing plan specifically to get your home SOLD, give advice on preparing your home to go on the market, provide you with current market stats and answer questions like “When is a good time to sell” etc.

Preparing Your Home

Preparing your home for sale is critical. First impression for a buyer is the difference between a mediocre offer , or a fantastic offer. REALTORS® repeatedly find that people can’t visualize the potential of a home. They have to see it. How your home shows now is how people see themselves in it.

You can dramatically improve the way a buyer sees your home with a few quick steps:

DECLUTTER. Store it, give it away, throw it away, but get it out of your house.
CLEAN. Inside and out. It matters. Alot. Curb appeal and first impressions when they open the door can be the difference between “Yay or Nay”.
MAKE MINOR REPAIRS. Squeaky, hinges , chipped paint, cracked tiles. Fix as much as you can.
CONSIDER STAGING. A staged home typically sells 40%-49% faster and for more money.
CLEAN AGAIN. It is really that important.

Sound overwhelming. You don’t need to do it overnight. I can point you to someone who can help or you can break it down into one small task a day. Everything you remove, clean or repair puts money in your pocket. Your getting paid to do it.

Listing Your Home

Pricing your home too low or high is not an option. If you want to get as much for your home as possible, you have to get the price right. Setting a fair price will attract more potential buyers and give your home more exposure. I can explain to you the multitude of factors influencing pricing, including: competitive pricing, current market stats, and of course the estimated value of your home.

Marketing and Promotion

The next step will be to sign a listing agreement. This will give me permission to post your property on MLS (Multiple Listing Service). Then I’ll begin marketing your property through a variety of mediums – digital and traditional – and inform other REALTORS® (Representing Buyers) that your property is on the market. I will present a marketing plan specific to your home that will include:

  • Signage
  • Profession photography
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Social media
  • Internet saturation
  • REALTOR® Networking
  • Communication guarantee

I can also provide someone to offer staging advice.


After all the hard work of marketing and promoting your property pays off, you’ll hopefully have an offer if not a few, on the table. I will negotiate fearlessly on your behalf. For most people it is not just hard to negotiate, but it can also feel uncomfortable. Hiring me as your REALTOR® will make this process seamless and comfortable. Once you’ve accepted an offer, your buyer will probably have conditions to meet such as finance, appraisal, home inspection etc. Once the buyer has satisfied these conditions the contract will be firm and congratulations will be in order. Finally, your lawyer or notary will walk you through the final bit of paperwork and legal bits needed to close.

I look forward to working with you.